1. Carterman32's Avatar
    After going through numerous versions of marshmallow and Nougat, 7.1.1 Beta finally fixes the widely reported issue where phone calls made through a car stereo randomly switch between the stereo and handset mid call, creating a major driving hazard.

    However, there is a new issue. Call quality through BT is terrible. It was completely fine in previous versions. Now, whenever I call someone, the interference/can breaking makes hearing the other other party almost impossible. The quality will go in and out the entire call, every call. I'm in Los Angeles and always have a strong signal, so that's not the issue. And again, it's consistent across all calls. If I switch from Bluetooth to speaker or handset, the issue immediately disappears

    I drive a 2015 audi a4 in case you want to test it on your vehicle.

    Anyone else having a similar issue?
    11-20-2016 01:31 AM
  2. pazzo02's Avatar
    I'm on 7.1.1 on my Nexus 5X and don't have this issue in my Mazda CX9.
    11-21-2016 08:37 AM
  3. bjrosen's Avatar
    It's been much much better for me. I have a Nexus 6P on Verizon, car is a 2017 Chevy Volt. I attribute the improvement to better Verizon compatibility. I'm not sure if it's 7.1.1 or if Verizon finally fixed their network. Verizon did a lousy job of provisioning their network for the 6P, there were LTE bands that didn't work on the 6P even though the 6P had support for them. My theory is that because Verizon got exclusivity for the Pixel they fixed the provisioning for the 6P when they were provisioning the Pixel, or perhaps when they see 7.1 they think it's a Pixel and do the right thing.
    11-21-2016 12:57 PM
  4. Carterman32's Avatar
    Are you using the latest developer preview? I wonder why I would have this issue, but others wouldn't. Doesn't make sense unless it's either specific to audis, or has a conflict with another app. It was perfect in lollipop, but has never worked correctly since. Google reached out to me for a bug report, asked me to download the newest beta, but then never responded after that. It's frustrating because it's impossible to get in touch with an engineer who could fix the issue...
    11-29-2016 12:30 AM
  5. Dan Lucian's Avatar
    my phone is connecting to my medianav in my car and after few seconds it's disconnecting...i try reseting all devices and still same problem!!
    This Nexus 5X device is full of bugs, i regret buying it.
    12-09-2016 08:38 AM
  6. USN_Retired's Avatar
    I think there is an issue with 7.1.1, I have the Nexus 6P and since I installed 7.1.1, when I connect to my car's Bluetooth(2007 Infiniti G35X) I get nothing but static when making or receiving a call. I haven't had this issue since they released 1.5 on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Not sure if they are connected or if anyone else has noticed this issue? Thanks
    12-23-2016 01:22 PM

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