1. Mr Goosebump's Avatar
    Hey guys!

    After the recent update my phone acts kinda weird. The (facebook)messenger app is and has been my main "messaging" app which means that both SMS/Text messages and (facebook)messenger messages has been there like a conversation.

    After the recent update the normal SMS/Text messages show up in the (facebook)messenger app when some one texts me, but after a while they just disappear from the app. So the only conversations in the (facebook)messenger app is the (facebook)messenger ones, not the SMS/Text messages.

    This is so frustrating because when someone texts me in the normal SMS/Text message way, the conversation is only there when i write in it, then it disappears. I have no clue how to fix this. Please help!

    I have an honor 8 if that helps. Thanks guys!
    03-01-2017 02:12 AM
  2. Zorro1's Avatar
    Click the settings of the new messenger and something popped up and asked if I wanted to combine them? Set the new one as default. I'm trying to dump the stupid bubbles.
    03-01-2017 08:18 PM

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