1. poit57's Avatar
    I'm new to Android after having used Windows since Windows Phone 7 was released, and I have previous experience with iPhones.

    With both of those other platforms, the visual voicemail was part of the phone app and would be prompted for setup the first time a call was made to check voicemail. At least on Windows, it didn't matter what carrier's SIM card was being used. Even factory unlocked devices could easily access visual voicemail

    I can't find similar functionality, at least in the phone I'm using which is a Huawei Honor 8. I've installed AT&T's visual voicemail app, but I don't like having the dialing functionality and voicemail split across different apps.

    From reading these forums, it sounds like the dialer included in AT&T branded Samsung devices will do this for AT&T's visual voicemail, but unlocked devices may behave differently as well as devices used with other carriers. Are there any generally available phone dialer apps that include both the phone dialer and visual voicemail all in a single app?
    05-10-2017 04:28 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    For ATT phones still on android 6, the dialer app and voicemail app are two separate apps.
    This may have changed with 7.x, but I doubt it.
    05-10-2017 08:13 PM
  3. poit57's Avatar
    Thanks. I figured that would be the answer. After a week of using this phone, I've decided that I'm going to return it and go back to my Windows phone. Even with all the Microsoft apps installed and configured with my account, the Android OS just doesn't provide the phone experience I'm looking for.
    05-12-2017 09:50 AM

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