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    I have an S7 Edge, that hasnt had much installed.. i've been troubleshooting getting better battery life with the unit.

    Last 2 days suddenly i'm seeing spontaneous reboots.. i had this issue before i decided to factory wipe and start from scratch.. it had been fine for days..

    Last situation.. i was in the gsam battery app.. it froze.. then suddenly the samsung logo appears.. then the t-mobile white screen and its stuck there.. the only fix is another hard reset with vol down + home + power.

    I'm wondering if there is a log file somewhere that might indicate what caused this issue this time..
    I believe i also reset the cache partition recently as well to try to fix.

    It doesnt happen frequent enough to do any sort of safe mode trial i dont think.

    I had the phone with samsung recently and they claimed they checked for this issue and it was reported as "fine" (it was there because of the rear camera spontaneous crack which they charged $70 for)..

    Thinking next resort is to file a claim with squaretrade.

    any thoughts?

    05-25-2017 12:16 PM

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