1. Temperance Darklight's Avatar
    I just got a new phone, Galaxy j3 prime with android 7. My previous phone was android 4.2/4.4 and is my latest experience with android.

    I still have my old phone and will be using it for certain apps, as a second working device, and as a testbed.

    Thus I want apps to access my sd card (such as using planmaker, a spreadsheet app, to read and write files directly to sd card), without moving the apps to the card and without making the sd card regarded as internal storage.

    I have minor experience with a terminal and mounting drives (I needed that for android x86) so I could use such a solution if there is one for an unrooted phone.

    To recap,
    I am NOT looking to move apps to sd card.
    I am NOT looking to lock down the sd card to just this device.

    I AM looking to have apps recognize the sd card as a place to read/write files.
    I AM looking to use the sd card to occasionally transfer files, and therefore am looking to maintain the card's portability.

    Edit, not sure how to respond below yet, but both apps I've tried with let me access internal and sd card on my old phone, and are installed from the same apks I used then, so does android 7 make some distinction about storage the app needs to specifically address that wasn't there before?

    Bonus curiousity, why does the sd card have a funny name now (new phone calls it AF30-1AF3)?
    08-11-2017 12:14 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Some apps let the user pick the SD card as the default storage location, some apps do not let the user choose.
    If your app(s) let you choose, there will be an option in the individual app's settings.
    08-12-2017 02:09 AM
  3. Zoandar's Avatar
    The reason those apps allowed you to write to your SD card in Android 4.x, and not in Nougat (7.x) is that the "(idiots) that be" have arbitrarily and draconian-ally decided to BLOCK ALL APPS from accessing the SD card in Nougat. The only workarounds require root.

    Yes, this most definitely SUX. I am looking for the same solution, as I was hoping not to need to root my brand new phone just so I can create a necessary spreadsheet file on my SD card. But they are forcing us to root in order to do just that.

    So, the issue becomes.......you can buy a hammer "handle" which might look pretty, but is useless.......or.....you can buy an actual hammer, complete with a head, but no warranty, and actually drive some nails with it. I am forced to choose the latter. A warranty won't drive nails, after all.
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    08-20-2017 11:09 PM

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