1. Nenka's Avatar
    Hey guys. I just want to ask you if you have experience with this and why is it happening.

    I am using Galaxy S7 with Nougat 7.0. When try to record my screen with AZ Record Screen app on top of my screen where battery and every icons are it shows me Chromecast icon that screen with wifi symbol on it. I don't have Chromecast on my phone either Google Home app. Is it possible to turn that off and to someone to watch my screen while I'm recording it without knowing. Thanks for the helo guys. Cheers.
    08-21-2017 11:55 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Can you show us a screenshot? http://forums.androidcentral.com/gen...d-central.html
    08-21-2017 06:35 PM
  3. Nenka's Avatar
    Yea sure. Here it is.
    Attached Thumbnails Screen recording showing Chromecast Icon. Why?-20170822_030014.jpg  
    08-21-2017 08:17 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Do you have a Chromecast connected to that wi-fi network? You don't need the Google Home app installed to cast to Chromecast.

    And you're saying that it only appears when you start recording the screen using that app, correct?

    I'm assuming this is the app you're talking about: AZ Screen Recorder. The app description mentions that "it is the only screencast app in the Android market that can be paused and resumed while recording." So it sounds like casting the screen is one of the app's functions. Can you look in the app's settings to see if there's an option to turn that off? You could also try emailing the developer with your question: az.screen.recorder@gmail.com
    08-23-2017 08:20 PM

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