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    My access point uses a certificate to validate its authenticity (prevents rogue APs). This is already setup and works on my other devices.

    If I choose to skip this (CA certificate set to "Do not validate" then I can connect. But when i try to enable it the connection fails. I have tried to set the domain to "morgan.lan" (my trusted root cert, this is what's actually installed on the phone), "snas.morgan.lan" (the cert that is signed by morgan.lan and is installed on the machine providing wifi), and ldap.morgan.lan (the ldap namespace, more for username stuff than certificates).

    here is a screenshot of my settings https://imgur.com/5xklWgC and if I do a adb logcat -b all -v raw WifiNetworkHistory:V WifiStateMachine:V *:S -v color then I get this message as an error (though it doesn't seem to tell me anything useful).
    Supplicant SSID temporary disabled:- DSBLE ID: 24 SSID: "Morgan" PROVIDER-NAME: null BSSID: null FQDN: null PRIO: 0 HIDDEN: false
    hasEverConnected: true
    numAssociation 1
    update time=09-01 17:14:52.700
    creationtime=09-01 17:03:37.331
    KeyMgmt: WPA_EAP IEEE8021X Protocols: WPA RSN
    PairwiseCiphers: TKIP CCMP
    GroupCiphers: TKIP CCMP
    Enterprise config:
    altsubject_match NULL
    password <removed>
    ca_path "/system/etc/security/cacerts"
    subject_match NULL
    engine 0
    client_cert NULL
    anonymous_identity NULL
    ca_cert NULL
    identity "christopher@ldap.morgan.lan"
    domain_suffix_match "morgan.lan"
    key_id NULL
    engine_id NULL
    IP config:
    IP assignment: DHCP
    Proxy settings: NONE
    blackListed: 1504298557sec cuid=1000 cname=android.uid.system:1000 luid=1000 lname=android.uid.system:1000 lcuid=1000 userApproved=USER_APPROVED noInternetAccessExpected=false isCarrierNetwork=false
    lastConnected: 652sec roamingFailureBlackListTimeMilli: 1000
    triggeredLow: 0 triggeredBad: 0 triggeredNotHigh: 0
    ticksLow: 0 ticksBad: 0 ticksNotHigh: 0
    triggeredJoin: 0
    09-01-2017 05:29 PM

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