1. ugcheleuce's Avatar
    Hello everyone.

    On my new cellphone (Nokia 6, Nougat), I have to perform 4 actions just to be able to see whether or not the data connection is active. This includes unlocking the screen (which means I can't quickly check my children's phones unless I know their unlock gestures). On my previous phone (Huawei P6, Jellybean), I was able to see this on the homescreen itself (with an icon in the status/notification bar at the top).

    Please note: I don't need a data usage monitor or a data connection switcher. Enabling/disabling data on Nougat involves only 1 extra step over Jellybean, which (although annoying) is not a big issue. Unfortunately, when I search Google Play store, I get only monitors and toggles (and most of them don't work on Nougat anyway, apparently for "security reasons").

    I'm also using Nova's launcher, by the way.

    Do you know of any way that I can show the data connection status (i.e. whether the data connection is on or off) on the home screen? It can be a widget, a statusbar icon, anything that doesn't require me to unlock the screen first.

    11-10-2017 08:08 AM
  2. gordol's Avatar
    Not sure I follow. The data / signal connection indicator should be a standard item in the status bar on every phone. It was, on my dumphones, Palm Treos, Blackberry, Gingerbread Moto X, all my iPhones, and on my Nougat Moto Z2 Play. I don't have to unlock, I just just hit the power button and see it.
    11-10-2017 02:58 PM

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