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    Back in July of this year me and my wife has galaxy s7. We notice a change in files and some type of data transfers we couldn't seem to stop. Eventually not long past someone remotely took over our phones and locked us out of them. Also every electronic we had was attacked. We have firesticks, roku tv, Xbox, and televisions all hacked and have programming code on them now. We lack the knowledge to gain permission to delete some of the files and some we are not able to read. We have used many anti virus tools and even both had iPhones that were remotely took over. Apps have sha1 and or md5 code attached shortly after download with extra permissions.
    The Android device download many extra system apps when power is cut on that I cannot remove or stop. With every connection WiFi, Bluetooth, and cell data off they still download. To many to list them all but it said on multiple playstore sites there was no such apps available so it has to be custom. Antivirus apps appear to install modifications shortlbafter download. They took all our photos saved to drives and all our email accounts. On my hotmail account when signed into it half of one of the pages were in computed code with roku tv permissions and " strip domain name" was also written. They quickly booted me off and attacked my buddy computer. When trying to change my wife's Amazon account to remove the credit card the person quickly came once again froze and locked me off having control while they backed up pages. I eventually powered off the device holding the power button down.
    This isn't all by far of the he'll we been put through for months with electronics. We can't seem to buy a phone or computer that doesn't download something immediately. We have bought 2bwindows computers that have been shut down within 24 hours saying no hard drive could be found. Phones, computers, and tv's have all clicked and sounded like keyboard typing with no power battery, or unplugged.

    Anyone able to tell me how to stop this. Our lease is up and we may have to move. Thanks for any help giving.
    12-28-2017 01:25 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    You need someone to come to your home with test equipment to find out who is doing all this, and stop it at the source. (In most countries, what the person is doing is a crime and some authorities will become involved and the person will spend some time as a guest of the authorities. [In the US, it could escalate to a charge of terrorism and a nice vacation on the south coast of Cuba.])

    There aren't any instructions anyone can give you here that will enable you to fix all these problems.
    12-28-2017 02:04 PM

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