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    I have an A3 2017. For the past few months I've had about 3 gigabytes to use because the rest has been taken by the system. I would like to know how on earth I would clear up system data because I know it should have at least 10 gigabytes available for me to use (my sister has the exact same phone but with 10gb free).

    If possible I would not like to factory reset my phone, thanks.
    Attached Thumbnails Huge system data-screenshot_20180110-211744.png  
    01-10-2018 03:22 AM
  2. Aithan's Avatar
    Are you talking about internal memory or SD card memory?

    I ask and I apologize if I'm asking and missing something obvious, but when I look at your screenshot, I don't understand what I'm seeing at all. When I look at it, it appears that your 14.2 GB is coming from your SD card... (which is looking like it's possibly being treated as your internal storage).

    1.8 GB Available Space matches your Apps. 14.2 GB matches your SD card usage. Your User Data listing shows 3.X GB which is what you said you've had free for some time.

    16 GB (total phone internal storage) minus 3.X GB (User Data listing total) = approximately a little less than 10 GB free.

    Can you please show what the storage looks like WITHOUT CleanMaster or is that impossible to do?
    01-10-2018 03:52 AM
  3. Sharkyzane231's Avatar
    Thanks for replying, the internal storage is what I'm having trouble with, the sd card is fine (Don't mind the sd card whatsoever, i use it for pictures and videos).

    The information in the image is me trying to show how much storage I've had.
    (Used internal storage (about 2.8gb) + internal storage available (1.8gb) which is 4.6gb in total (total internal storage I'm able to use)

    Also I have no idea how to show the storage without CleanMaster sorry.
    01-11-2018 06:43 AM

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