1. Baz2's Avatar
    I have a Lenovo tab 4 10 Plus but I think this is an Android issue. It runs v7.1.1.

    I installed an SD card a few weeks ago to increase internal storage, but it suddenly failed during use. System requested me to re-insert it, but no luck. Settings / Storage was not recognizing the SD card at all .

    I exchanged it for a new one (shop agreed it was faulty and said it was a very rare occurrence), which I've now installed, also as shared storage. Problem is that the system now isn't allowing me to download anything to the device, or create documents on it. Eg Word won't let me save to "This Device".

    The File Manager app shows no files in Downloads or Documents, and shows the error message "Failed to enter directory . Failed to create." when I click on either directory. Personal Space shows as "0 KB available out of 0 KB".

    The SD card does show in Settings, but with only Apps (one newly installed) and Cached Data (0 kb).

    As a partial workaround, I've reformatted the card as portable storage, which at least lets me download files from websites, but it's not a complete solution; eg I can't download podcasts from apps.
    01-03-2019 07:18 PM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    Put it in a pc. Does it also show 0kb of storage? Sounds like another bad card if it's not showing usable space on a pc card reader. What brand, model and storage size are you trying to use?
    01-03-2019 07:47 PM
  3. Mooncatt's Avatar
    ...shop agreed it was faulty and said it was a very rare occurrence.
    It'd actually not that rare for SD cards to be corrupted. Uncommon, yes, but not rare. They are also not designed for the near constant read/writing that happens with Android and how apps are designed, which leads to increase in failure rates when SD cards are formatted as adoptable storage.

    Unless there is a dire need, you're best to leave it formatted as external storage and leave your apps on the internal storage. If you do insist on formatting as adoptable storage, then make sure to keep very thorough backups for when the next SD card fails.
    01-03-2019 09:44 PM
  4. Baz2's Avatar
    It's a Kingston 16 GB card.

    Sadly I don't have a PC that takes an SD card. I suspect it's OK though, as it's been reformatted a couple of times and shows sensible metadata in Settings. Also, files can be downloaded to it if I get the chance to choose (when in external storage mode) and read without any problems.

    My take (totally uninformed) is that when the original card was formatted for internal storage, Android decided that certain filetypes would go to it as a default. It can't now find that card as it's been replaced (is there some sort of code that uniquely identifies the card?) so is unable to save those filetypes.

    Problem with keeping things as they are (formatted as portable) is that one of the main things I use the tablet for is to download podcasts. BBC iPlayer Radio / Sounds both fail when asked to download. They worked fine with the original card.

    I'm tempted to restore factory settings (after saving everything of course).
    01-04-2019 12:23 PM

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