1. restwursti's Avatar
    Hey, i found the following tutorial.


    I need help with it. I also posted directly in the thread but I think maybe no one will recognise because its so old. So I opend a new one. If this is wrong, pls delete it.

    I made it to step 6 and listed the files but it seems like the next steps are written for people who know stuff.

    The first time I listed the files, it showed 4 out of 24.
    And the date of that four were to old (from two years ago) to be the files I need. So I searched for command to show all files but I didnt get it to work. The only difference was that beside the four files were listed again, it now said that the folder contains 44 instead of 24 files and the Dates of the Files were that of today.
    I decided to close the shell to start all over because the 44 files remained.
    Now it shows me 3 files out of 20 but with the Date of today. I think its because I accidentally used chrome to google the first problem.

    Maybe I already screwed up to recover my tabs because the necessary files are now overwritten?

    Now I need help to list all the files which could be necessary for me and help to identify which is the right one.
    I also need help from step 7 and further because he didnt explain why he used which files and why the backup commands are different and whicht command to use for which file. To keep it short Im afraid I need the Noob version.

    If someone can help me, it would be great. Thanks.
    10-05-2019 05:12 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Try to limit yourself to 10 tabs in a phone or tablet browser. Even the desktop versions aren't designed to keep 44 tabs open. (There's almost no reason, if you're not a developer, to have so many tabs open. Bookmark ("Add to home screen" from the 3 dot menu) what you'll want to go back to later.)

    2. Try using Firefox. It uses a different web engine, so it may play more nicely with your phone.

    3. He used the same command in step 7 (if you're referring to post #11( - the cp command). He's copying different files.

    cp <name of file you're copying> <name of copy>

    You use the cp command for each file, and you name the copies anything you like - copy1, copy2, etc. That's for you, the phone doesn't care.
    10-05-2019 12:57 PM

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