1. hallux's Avatar
    I'll preface this by saying that I use a 3rd-party password manager (RoboForm Everywhere). Some of the issues seem to be with that service and some are with the Google feature itself. Roboform IS updated to support this feature, it's an option in the settings.

    In short, it just does not work. With the impending shutdown of using accessibility services to autofill passwords, I figured I'd give the new feature a try. On 3 of my apps (Key Bank, Citi Mobile and Chase Mobile), I am not able to even get the opportunity to auto-fill a password. On a fourth (Time Warner Cable's MyTWC app) I can get the auto fill option but then it reports contents couldn't be auto filled. I believe 3 of the 4 apps have been updated since Oreo was released, this should work.

    Total. Fail. IMO...
    11-19-2017 09:32 AM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    I use LastPass and works fine on most apps. Some of my other banking apps have its own biometrics feature so I don't use it there. But for my other bank app, LastPass works great.
    11-19-2017 10:37 AM
  3. LeoRex's Avatar
    Total. Fail. IMO...
    How so? For all intents and purposes, the API is still in development. And app makers still haven't had a lot of time working with it. Developers can't just wave a magic wand and have everything run perfectly.

    Fact is, having a built in API will work out far better than some accessibility hack, even if Google wasn't cracking down on it. The accessibility service isn't getting locked down tomorrow, so there will be plenty of time for the app developers to work things out.
    11-20-2017 06:47 PM
  4. matty032's Avatar
    Auto fill works flawless for me. And, with 8.1, it even asks me now if I want to use the password for that particular site or app. Love it. No need for Last Pass.
    11-26-2017 08:07 PM
  5. LeoRex's Avatar
    Well, Lastpass does give some additional features... Like a password generator... And a more robust management portal. Maybe with the new features, Google beefs up their password management.
    11-26-2017 09:03 PM

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