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    The RingSkin is a new communication app featured in the Android market. It is a free app, which customize your Android call screen, personalizing (and greatly enhancing!) the experience of taking incoming calls and placing outgoing calls.

    Among the many features available with RingSkin:

    - Customizable incoming/outgoing call screen imaging
    - Many available default images, animation skins
    - Custom decorate mode
    - Movie/music video call screens/video ringtones
    - Full screen option
    - Tap and call imaging
    - Block-call capability
    - Slide/Button option
    - Assign screens to groups or individuals

    RingSkin empowers users to personalize the experience of taking incoming calls, and placing outgoing calls, comes with a comprehensive array of features that make it easy to customize your Android call screen. Use the images in your photo gallery, by connecting contact photos to contact numbers; use RingSkin to decorate and customize your call screen based on who it is that you are getting in touch with; set your default images and animation skins, and/or set your favorite movie or video clip as your call screen.

    RingSkin enable video ringtones and allow you to assign images and videos to different contacts.

    Download : RingSkin

    Hope you all enjoy the RingSkin App.
    11-14-2011 03:27 AM