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    As Xmas is coming, we'll give you 5 copies of AutoScreen as free gifts.
    Please register below by using your Google Account that you use on Android Market, we'll refund money back to winning accounts.
    Winning accounts will be chosen randomly. Hurry up! Closing date: 23/12/2011
    Wining accounts will be announced in this topic!
    Happy Holidays Everyone

    Don't need to press your power button thousands times to turn on or turn off your phone screen. Save your energy, battery and power button with AutoScreen.

    ***** 24 hours refund by email *****
    ***** 50% discount for the first month, only $0.99 to save your energy, power button and battery *****

    AutoScreen can intelligently control your phone screen. It'll automatically turn on the phone screen when you need and turn off if you don't need it anymore.

    For example:
    - When you put your phone on the table or in your pocket, AutoScreen will automatically turn off the phone screen.
    - When you want to use your phone or check its status , just pick up your phone and AutoScreen will automatically turn on the screen for you.

    A Quick Action is provided so that you can make a phone call or send an SMS message very fast after the screen is on.

    AutoScreen uses Accelerometer sensor to determine whether you need to use your phone or not.
    If your phone has Proximity and Light sensors, the accuracy will be even better.(Most of Android phones have those sensors)

    We developed an intelligent A.I that can use sensors to analyze and decide when it should turn on/off the phone screen for you.

    You'll have to re-enable AutoScreen after you clean up memory by using some FreeMemory programs like Norton Utility...

    1) Why AutoScreen requires Device Administration Permission?
    AutoScreen requires Device Administration Permission to be able to turn off and lock your screen.
    You can check this permission in your Settings -> Location & Security settings -> Select device administrators.

    2) How to uninstall AutoScreen?
    You'll need to deactivate Device Administration Permission before removing AutoScreen.
    To do so, the only thing you have to do is open AutoScreen and turn off the AutoScreen option. Then you can uninstall it likes other apps.
    You can also remove Device Administration permission on Settings -> Location & Security settings -> Select device administrators.

    For any problem , please email to: support@aptos.in

    12-22-2011 12:07 AM