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    The BuddyCon is a new app in Android Market. This is a free app, which helps to create funny avatars and to make contacts to contact easily. Creating a funny avatar with different cloths and friends faces is highlights in the BuddyCon android app.

    The main features of the app are,

    • Creating hilarious avatars,
    • Customizing avatars with different cloths and faces.
    • Movable type on screen.
    • Customizable backgrounds and themes.
    • Double Clicking avatar to contact from homescreen
    • Play different types of funny games with friends face on the avatars.

    With BuddyCon android app it is ease to contact close friends or family from the homescreen itself. By double tapping the avatar, it shows the option to call, message, chat, and Star option for play games, and pinboard option to make the avatar static, which means you cannot move the avatars on the screen.

    You can select more number of avatars upto you like and which fits in your screen. And to say about games, I really had a nice pass time with friends face included on the avatar. I say this is a nice entertainment app. If you need to try the BuddyCon Android app.

    Download: BuddyCon App for Free
    01-03-2012 02:25 AM