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    This app can be used to select and add favourite contacts quickly and then it allows to make a call, view & sms to these contacts by just pushing a button.
    Following steps describes the usage of this app:
    1. Push button to add the contact
    2. Push and hold the button for a while to modify and add another contact
    3. After adding the contact just push button to make a call
    4. Sort Button: To sort the contacts in alphabetical order
    5. View Mode Button: Select this button if you want to view the number and then make a call. To cancel the view mode just push and deselect it
    6. SMS Mode Button: Select this button if you want to send a message instead of call. To cancel the SMS mode just push it again and deselect it
    7. Erase Mode Button: Select this button and select the contact to be erased

    For suggestions on improvement please mail me @ santumuchetty@gmail.com
    01-26-2012 04:48 AM