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    No matter if you are an experienced and passionate angler, or you simply enjoy fishing as a hobby, this is the perfect application for you! This application provides you with all the info needed to catch a record breaking carp!

    - More than 300 videos of pro anglers giving advice on carp fishing!
    - Selection of the best carp fishing venues on rivers, channels and lakes in the UK, France and Europe!
    - How to pick the best swims for fishing Common and Mirror carps!
    - Choosing the right method of fishing: Feeder, Pole, and Match!
    - Advice on choosing the right rods, reels, indicators, spods, hooks!
    - How to choose the right rig set up, which bait to use, dips and much more!

    Link to Android Market: Carp Fishing

    01-30-2012 05:45 AM