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    Note: this app is for many purposes, but it should be special for the coming VALENTINE DAY.

    Today (February 14, 2012 - The Valentine Day).
    I LOVE YOU WIDGET has been chosen to be TODAY'S PICK on AndroidZoom.com. This is a big honor to the app and its author. Hope you guys try it and enjoy.

    I Love You Widget

    I Love You Widget, the widget which show your beloved in beautiful ways.

    I. Introduction to I Love You Widget
    I Love You Widget is an widget Android app which can add beautiful widgets, which contain names and photos of your beloved people (or even anythimg you love), into your Android device's Home Screen. With built-in pretty styles and modifying options, you can easily change the way the widget looks to make it unique to yourself and your beloved. I Love You Widget can be used to remind you about your beloved every time you open your Android device. By adding this widget, you also express your love to your beloved more and more. Whoever (or whichever) you love can always be added into these widgets. Install I Love You Widget now, add it, and express yourself on the phone and feel the love...

    II. I Love You Widget's Features Summary
    - Easily changing many different style options (colors style images) to mix up and make unique widget styles.
    - Be a multi-purpose widget. Can be used for lovers, family members, pets, foods, things. See tips for widget (at the end of this text) to learn more about this.
    - Support adding (with zoom and crop functions) photos from Gallery to use on widget.
    - Support adding text (names and widget title) on widget.
    - Support Text Mode which do not require any photo.
    - Support preset themes for setting styles quickly.
    - Autosave for quickly configuration in the next time.
    - Add multiple different widgets onto your screen for different needs.
    - Allow to show analog clock on the widget.

    Android Market link: https://market.android.com/details?i...vecouplewidget

    Screen shots:

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