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    Hi guys,

    Loonapix Team released the LoonaPix Effects Android app v.1.0. This free photo manipulation app enables users to create funny photo effects by inserting a photo of choice into one of 200 fancy photo templates.

    LoonaPix Effects offers one of the highly creative and coolest forms of self-expression that you have ever seen on the Android screen and you can do it yourself in 30 seconds. All you need to begin is a photo and the LoonaPix Effects app installed on the Android smart phone. The program lets you create a funny photo by pasting a face of choice into one of 200 fancy templates, such as currency, magazine covers, movie posters, paintings and paparazzi shots. The app is easy to learn and use and does not require design skills.

    Heres what you do to create your first fancy picture. Step one is to choose a photo template to be used from the apps collection. Step two is to select the image from the phones gallery and upload to LoonaPix Effects. Then the app embeds that photo to the selected template and generates a fancy picture. Once you have the image, you can save it to the gallery, email, or share it with others via AllShare, Bluetooth, or Picasa.

    The LoonaPix Effects App ver. 1.0 is available for free from the Android Marketplace. All image manipulation is performed in the cloud, so WiFi or 3G connection is required for the app to work.

    Check out the link below:


    03-05-2012 07:03 AM