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    CellAgent v 1.05

    Remote monitoring of any device that runs Android 2.2 and above and has Internet access using GPRS/3G/UMTS/Wi-Fi. Used with CellAgent service.
    As an additional measure of protection, the application can be uninstalled only after the Device Admin option is disabled.
    After you install the application, it is recommended to hide the application icon from launcher using the CellAgent service.
    Application and service features:
    1) Current device location detection (with map display):
    - using GPS data;
    - using GSM operator base station (“tower”) data (LBS);
    - using Wi-Fi networks data.
    Application is capable of detecting phone position using any of those means available or all of them simultaneously (therefore - improving location precision).
    2) Application can be used to display:
    - SIM card information and IMEI code of the device;
    - Recent calls information (displaying caller/called numbers);
    - Incoming and outgoing SMS information (date, time, message text, sender/address number).
    In case the phone is lost or stolen all of the mentioned data, including the new SIM information (in case it was replaced) will be received by the device owner who has an access to the cellagent.net service.
    3) Application can hide or show its’ launcher icon in the lists of running tasks and in the main application launcher. You can hide all tracks of application presence on phone whenever you wish.
    4) Application can be used to remotely send text notifications to the device (displayed in the pop-up window), making a sound alert;
    5) Application can be used to remotely lock/unlock screen and set up or remove a screen unlock password.
    6) Application can clear all personal data stored on the phone remotely (factory reset and memory card erase options).
    7) The service can log the history of all events, including data about the locations phone has been to;
    8) Application has a simple setup, no settings input is required.
    05-15-2012 07:01 AM