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    SpeedoControl allows to know the speed at which you are traveling and warn you if you are exceeding a specified speed limit.

    SpeedoControl shows the speed in km/h (or Mph) graphically on the speedometer and in numeric format; it needs only the availability of GPS signal.
    SpeedoControl emits a signal of alarm (audio and/or vibration based on user settings) on maximum speed set from user.

    The user set the maximum limit with a simple tap on one of availables values: from 10 kmH (10 Mph) at 180 kmH (180 Mph).

    The look and feel of this app is very nice and customizable: the user can set a variety of speedometers available and also the style of speed limits as shown in the screen shots.

    SpeedoControl can be a valid help to respect speed limits easily, it's sufficient to set the current limit from time to time with a simple tap. SpeedoControl can also be used as a speed measurement on vehicles that does not
    have speedometers (bike, etc.) or even walking or running: the speed measure has, in fact, the precision of the GPS receiver of the Android device.

    Bon voyage and ... caution!!!

    06-05-2012 08:33 AM