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    Record your tracks, run along previous tracks, and send tracks to other users!


    * Monitor your progress LIVE, while tracking your time,
    speed and calories.
    * With Ghost tracks you can compare your results LIVE with
    your previous recorded track and watch your improvement in
    a new and fun way!
    * Compete with your friends by sending them tracks and wait
    for their response
    * You dont need to use Mobile Network - you can just use
    your free WIFI at home. Everything is taken care for you!
    * integrated with Facebook
    * Log on to our website SporTeam - Your running motivator
    to watch your tracks, activities With your friends and
    arrange competitions!
    - note that the website is still in it's beta version but
    the android application is fully operative
    * this is the first release of SporTeam so any feedback would be great!
    06-20-2012 12:47 PM