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    You slammed your finger into something (again!) and now your nail is broken and you don’t now what to do? Get How to Fix a Broken Nail app and you’ll find out what to do when your nail is broken! This app has lots of video tutorials teaching you how to fix a broken nail using lots of different methods!

    - Keep your manicure look perfect, even with a broken nail!
    - Learn how to fix a split nail using acrylic!
    - Tutorials on how to repair a broken nail using Crazy Glue or five minute glue!
    - How to fix a split nail with a tea bag method!
    - How to repair a cracked nail with paper and fabric!

    A broken fingernail can catch on clothing, hair causing further tears which can hurt a lot. Broken fingernail can also be of concern when all your other fingernails are long and pretty, and you would have to trim the other fingernails to the size of your broken one. Hence, it would be wise to fix the broken fingernail and it is very easy to do.

    Click on this link to download app:

    06-21-2012 05:26 AM