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    Hey everyone,

    Perhaps someone out there in cyberspace would know how I can go about creating this very simple app idea, cuz it's a lot harder to implement than I thought it would be!

    What I'm looking to create is this:

    A 3 page layout with buttons that are people's names. Under each page the names are all the same but when you click them the color changes and you are unable to click the name if it is in use on another page (ie, it greys out and is unclickable)

    So page 1 clicks GREEN
    Page 2 clicks RED
    Page 3 clicks BLUE

    Under each page, the total number of buttons is summed automatically to say GREEN's total is 33, RED's total is 12, BLUE's is 9...

    That's it. And I can't figure out how to friggin' do it the way I'd like to do it. Can anyone offer some advice on where to start this?

    It boils down to a meal summary for residents at our assisted living facility. Who ate here, who got a room tray, and who declined/was out of the building. It's being done manually and I'm looking for a way to get it in a phone friendly/tablet friendly app so the staff can just touch it and go and numbers don't need to be manually entered. Is there even a WAY to do this??

    Thank you to anyone who can offer assistance!!!!!
    07-11-2012 03:41 PM