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    SAP Interview Questions provides you a wide range of questions that can be asked during a Interview. Application answers most commonly asked interview questions and has been categories for ease.

    This app is unique in that it helps you master the most commonly asked questions, instilling you with the confidence that you need to endure the most difficult of interviews. Application Covers all Wide range of question covering different aspects of SAP.


    1. 260+ questions that prepare you for any type of interview.
    2. The Question are ACTUAL questions asked in some of the regular interviews that the likes of Accenture, IBM and many other.
    3. Provide an option for user to practice his/her own answers as your application will present your with question. User can think of his answer then compare how his answer is different from our answer.
    4. Interview Questions has been categories for ease of use.


    Application Cover questions from Following 9 broad Categories.
    1. SAP
    2. SAP R-3
    3. SAP ABAP
    4. SAP Reports
    5. SAP Modules
    6. SAP SD
    7. SAP BDC
    8. SAP DB
    9. SAP Tables


    Q. ) A situation: An ABAP program creates a batch input session. We need to submit the program and the batch session in back ground. How to do it?
    Ans: Go to SM36 and create background job by giving job name, job class and job steps (JOB SCHEDULING)

    Q.) What are the events in ABAP/4 language?
    Ans : Initialization, At selection-screen, Start-of-selection, end-of-selection, top-of-page, end-of-page, At line-selection, At user-command, At PF, Get, At New, At LAST, AT END, AT FIRST.

    Please review my app and do let me know your feedback so that I can make this application even better

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