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    Passquito is a mobile application for OS Android, which helps you secure your sensitive data using secure and unique passwords.
    Passquito is a simple application with high security level. The main difference between Passquito and other applications is that Passquito does not save passwords, but generates passwords based on the entered data in two modes:

    1) Secure (Assigned unique passwords OFF)
    - In this mode Passquito generates secure password. This password can be regenerated on other mobile devices equipped with application Passquito.

    2) Secure and unique (Assigned unique passwords ON)
    - In this mode Passquito generates (creates) secure and unique password. This password can be regenerated only on mobile device that generated it.

    How does Passquito work?
    - Run Passquito before registering on a website.
    - Enter the required data (bez the myslim)
    - Fill out a domain - enter the web page on which you register (you can also specify other registration information)
    - Fill out username or password enter any value eg. Username or universal password
    - Your input is needed to remember
    - Generate a password and enter in the registration form

    Login to website with Passquito
    - To login to a website, you must start the application Passquito.
    - Enter the same data that you have filled when you register.
    - Press Generate to generate the same password again.
    - Now you have a password and you can login.

    Get It! https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....passquitofree
    07-29-2012 05:21 PM