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    3G Governor

    3G Governor allow you to save battery and avoid excessive Electromagnetic exposure by automatically disabling mobile data connection when you lock the screen.
    The governor allow you to keep receiving notifications by automatically re-enabling the connection from time to time for two minutes to permit sync.

    You can specify the reconnection interval and other settings.

    - Automatically disable mobile data on screen-off
    - Automatically enable mobile data on screen unlock or screen on
    - Automatically disable mobile data and governor when WiFi is connected
    - Delayed disconnection on screen off to allow rapid chatting
    - Periodic reconnection to allow notifications
    - Specify first reconnection time (before periodic reconnection)
    - Disable Governor while charging, calling and on airplane mode
    - WidgetLocker support
    - Governor on/off Widget (1x1)

    Coming soon:
    - Ask for new features ;-)

    09-11-2012 08:02 AM

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