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    Designed to encourage you to determine and accomplish your lifetime goals. The most intuitive and simple way to brainstorm, identify and organize your dreams - capture all the things You Want To Do, Experience and Achieve throughout your life.

    It inspires you to live your life to the fullest and build up a history of your life's journey!

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    Make your life's greatest adventure with iWish!-547212_102966136521552_1390464440_n.jpg Make your life's greatest adventure with iWish!-533125_102966179854881_1492739878_n.jpg Make your life's greatest adventure with iWish!-185513_102966216521544_574896201_n.jpg Make your life's greatest adventure with iWish!-426654_102966263188206_1541202300_n.jpg Make your life's greatest adventure with iWish!-291983_102966293188203_730906557_n.jpg

    With iWish one may:
    - Get inspired by discovering categorized library of more than 200 wonderful wishes: Wellness, Finance, Travelling, Relationships, Sports & Adventures, Career, Places to See, Personal development, etc.
    - Check out wishes details: interesting facts, travel advices, and how to make it happen tips
    - Add wishes you like and enhance iWish list with YOUR awesome dreams, extreme adventures to go & no-miss achievements to accomplish
    - Assign photos, add details, set-up target dates for your goals. Locate places to see and things to do on a map
    - Visualize by running a beautiful slideshow
    - Prioritize and filter goals by various lengthwise criteria (1-year, 3-years and long-term) and by categories
    - Build up a history of your accomplishments and joyful experiences with an iDid list, preview places youve been to on a map
    - Share iWishes and iDids with friends via Facebook and Twitter
    - Get motivated with inspirational quotes from the great authors and speakers
    - Create life mission statement to guide you and help you stay focused on important things. Review it regularly to think deeper and more carefully through your priorities and to align your actions with your beliefs.
    - Utilize other features: work offline, export your data, optional password protection, choose a skin, utilize search, configure slideshow and lists settings, email support and more to come...

    May all your wishes come true!
    09-14-2012 04:14 AM
  2. SoftWrighters's Avatar
    I'll try this app.
    09-15-2012 06:01 AM

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