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    Dare to look beneath the tombstones!

    Discover a very dark place in an old cemetery full of fantastic creatures: bats, a black cat, a witch, a vampire, skeletons, spirits of the night Halloween countdown and much more.

    Touch some of the elements (Double or Single Tap) and discover what happens!!

    Fog, Spirits of the Night and automatic "Daytime and Night" mode (Only Paid Version).

    Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...W.cemeterylite

    Screen shots:

    Video Youtube:

    Elements that react to touch
    * The Grave in the center of the screen: come in/out to the cavern beneath the tombstones (Double Tap)
    * Witch: spell to turn On/Off the Storm (Double Tap)
    * Halloween: shows the Countdown (Double Tap)
    * Coffin: open/close (Double Tap)
    * Crow: says "Craaa" (Single Tap)
    * Owl: says "Uuuuuu" (Single Tap)
    * Kat: says "Meow" (Single Tap)
    * Skeleton: illuminates his red eyes (Single Tap)
    * The dark Tomb on the right side: shortcut to Live Wallpaper Settings (Double Tap)
    * Torches of the Cavern: On/Off changing the brightness of the Cavern (Single Tap)
    * Ghost: Disappears (Single Tap)

    Configurable elements:
    * Day & Night Mode (Paid version only)
    * Presence and density of Fog (Paid version only)
    * Number of Spirits of the Night (Paid version only)
    * Storm control: Controlled by witch, never storm, always storm
    * Scroll mode: soft or classic
    * Sound: on/off
    * Darkness of the cavern

    Please, keep Sending your feedback and suggestions. Thank you very much.
    09-20-2012 12:49 PM

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