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    this is my first app announcement :-)

    I am the developer of a new android app which is called VOICE INFOS. This app reads out all your information and shows it clearly and compactly in a list, too.

    Some more infos:

    Voice Infos Listen to YOUR Information!
    VoiceInfos reads out personalized information.
    Imagine you are sitting at breakfast in the morning or driving in your car and you do not have time to read the newspaper or to click through a lot of apps to get all relevant information... And thats the point where Voice Infos steps in.

    Voice Infos reads out the following personalized information:

    - Missed calls
    - Unread SMS
    - Mails
    - Google Calendar
    - News
    - Weather
    - Facebook Wall
    - Twitter - Entrys (Tweets)
    - Stocks
    - Traffic reports for German motorways

    Please check out my app:

    You will like it!

    If you also like, you can also add me here:

    FOLLOW: https://twitter.com/_Fabbro
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    VISIT: Voice Infos - Listen to YOUR Information - FABBRO | Home or Webdesign Solingen FABBRO - Webdesign, PC-Service & more


    Best wishes
    10-07-2012 07:16 AM

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