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    PeerDeviceNet connects your mobile devices (phones and tablets) through WI-FI or WI-FI Direct network to enable sharing across devices. It allows a group of devices share web pages, contact information, pictures, videos and other documentations.


    1. Safe direct connections.
    Your devices connect to each other in direct connections. Nobody can connect to your device without your permission or active participation. All connections are secured using TLS/SSL.

    2. One click connection setup.
    In most home WI-FI networks (which support multicast) or using WI-FI Direct, Simply pressing "Search and connect" buttons on all peer devices will connect them together. You can also connect devices by entering ip address.

    3. Easy to use
    PeerDeviceNet extends Android's standard "send and share" capability to remote devices. You go to apps which "own" the data you are interested (such Contact app for contact information, Gallery app for photos and videos), select or show the data and click "share" or "send" button. PeerDeviceNet will be among the list of targets thru which you can send data.
    You can choose multiple data items to send, or a whole folder of photos to send at the same time.
    You can choose to send data to one, a few or all connected devices.

    4. Flexible multitasking.
    All devices participating PeerDeviceNet can send data to each other simultaneously. It can safely run in background while you are running other apps. You can add new data to send at any time.

    Support android 2.2 and up.

    Google play link:

    Price: free

    PeerDeviceNet is also a framework. It provides reusable components and local services which can help developing connected mobile applications. You can use PeerDeviceNet connection manager to connect your devices, and reuse the secure connection features. Via PeerDeviceNet, your apps can send messages to peer devices using high level Android intents and messengers; or communicate thru IDL interfaces to gain fine grained control of messaging and device connection behaviours.

    More details can be found at web site: PeerDeviceNet - Secure sharing among your devices .

    Comments and suggestions are welcome. Bug reports are highly appreciated.

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