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    With Worldnote you can create notes based on geographic location. The perfect app to make a note of what have you done, and when and where you have done it. The position data can be automatically captured simply tapping on the map the place of your interest, or by GPS (if available), you can also search a specific place by keywords. Your notes will be shown on a GPS map or in a chronologically ordered list. You can attach one or more pictures to every note and see the altitude data of the place.
    Notes are stored on your device, Internet connection is used only to retrieve the map data.

    [APP] [FREE] Worldnote, Interactive Geolocalized Travel Notes-worldnote.png


    -User friendly interface

    -Interactive zoomable and scalable note map based on Google Maps

    -Automatic location recognizing

    -Custom image gallery for every note [Premium Only]

    -Geo coordinates viewing

    -Altitude data analysis [Premium Only]

    -Practical function to send your notes through email

    -Share notes through social applications

    -[NEW] When you open a note, now you can put it into calendar using menu button.

    -Totally ad-free, no annoying spam, no spyware.

    Actually the app supports English, Spanish and Italian languages.

    Stay tuned,
    more translations and functions are coming... and are all free for the users that have bought the app.



    For any suggestion, problem or feature requests, ask in this thread. I'm glad to help you to get an enjoyable user experience.

    10-30-2012 09:10 PM

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