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    Ringtone Playlist Pro:
    Just play all your Ringtones and Notification tones.

    Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...e.playlist.pro

    Ever tried all your ringtones??
    Want to play different Ringtones/Notifications after each call/notification ??
    Want to convert all your music files (.mp3 and .ogg) to ringtones or notification tones??
    Want to shuffle/randomize/rotate/change ringtones and notification tones??
    You have a collection of Ringtones and Notifications tones??
    Want to create playlists of Ringtones and notification tones like : Business Ringtone Playlists, Hip-Hop Ringtone Playlist, Guitar Ringtone Playlist, Business Notification Playlist, Birds Notification Playlist, etc ??
    Here is the app or you !!


    # Create unlimited number of playlists of your favorite Ringtones and/or Notification tones.
    # Convert any .mp3 or .ogg files in your Internal and External memory, to a ringtone or notification tone. (This conversion is internal to Ringtone Playlist)
    # Save all your Ringtone Playlists and/or Notification Playlists.
    # Change ringtone after "each call" or after "selectable time intervals".
    # Change notification tone after "each notification" or after "selectable time intervals".
    # Preview of ringtones/notifications that you selected.
    # Auto start enabled.
    # Search Ringtones/Notifications.
    # We respect your memory needs, So no extra space is consumed by Ringtone playlist, i.e never more that 1MB, tested with 70 playlists at a time.
    # No Ads, No pop-ups.
    ### Why Ringtone Playlist Pro??
    *** Everyone's mood and environment changes, So You can have Funny Ringtone playlist, Sad Ringtone/Notification Playlist, Business Ringtone/Notification Playlist, Hip-Hop Ringtone/Notification Playlist, your custom Ringtone/Notification Playlist etc.
    Just create Playlist of your like, Set and enjoy !!

    11-07-2012 07:34 AM
  2. 8japps dev's Avatar
    12-11-2012 05:49 AM

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