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    Hello guys!

    Framentos Developers would like to introduce you Alarm Weather, a clever alarm that can wake you up at different hours depending on the current weather condition.
    In fact, with Alarm Weather the user can set different alarms according to different weather conditions. The only alarm to ring will be the one which corresponds to the current weather.

    Our programs and decisions are often related to the weather. For example, if its sunny you may prefer to go to school or to work on foot or by bicycle. So you have to set your alarm at a certain time; whereas if its rainy you may decide to drive or to catch a bus, which means facing the traffic. In this case, your alarm will be set at a different time.

    Another use case can be when you want to go running early in the morning before going to work but of course you want to wake up only if it's sunny. Alarm Weather will help you to continue to sleep if it's raining and you will wake up directly to go to work.

    Circumstances, activities and weather conditions always influence peoples schedule. So why waking up early if you dont need it? Or why being always late? Alarm Weather wakes you up or lets you sleep following your necessities. Therefore, enjoy your sleep and be sure to be always on time!

    It supports four different weather conditions: Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Snowy.

    To check the weather, it needs an internet connection. It can be both Mobile Data or WiFi.

    **To save battery, it has been implemented a functionality to switch on automatically the WiFi connection some seconds before the alarm time, in order to check the weather. During this time there is no vibration or sound so possible notifications (emails, facebook, etc) will not wake us up. The previous status is restored after checking the weather.**

    The app is completely free, no ads and we are available for any kind of suggestions and feedbacks at framentos.developers@gmail.com
    *Please don't send negative feedbacks, contact us!

    The app is available in six languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese.

    - Automatic position detection
    - Insert position manually (finding city in different languages)
    - Snooze supported
    - Snooze delay customizable
    - Music customizable for each condition (from android custom or mp3)
    - Daily repetition customizable (selecting the days of the week)
    - Possible to set the alarm also without city (it will work like a normal alarm)
    - It's possible to move the app to sdcard
    - Vibration optional
    - Option to play alarm even with device in silent mode
    - Set maximum value of snooze repetition
    - Possibility to modify at one shot the time of all the conditions
    - Possibility to disable the notification
    - Possibility to change the main background color

    *** Link Google Play ***

    Video Promo:

    We hope you sleep well

    framentos developers
    Framentos developers Blog - Android news, tutorials and much more
    11-07-2012 01:25 PM

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