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    [FREE] Hey You Free - get in touch

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    Hi ,

    after a lot of work, just released our App on the Google Play Store "Hey You Free - get in touch.

    Hey You Free is an innovative and uncomplicated way to get in touch with new people like you. Hey You Free provides localization via GPS, 3G or Wifi to indentify your physical position relativ to other people who wants to get in touch with new people. Get in touch now, with new people in your visible area, no FAKE, no Fun Application.


    [APP][2.1+] Hey You Free - get in touch-android_1.jpg [APP][2.1+] Hey You Free - get in touch-android_2.jpg [APP][2.1+] Hey You Free - get in touch-android_3.jpg [APP][2.1+] Hey You Free - get in touch-android_4.jpg

    Hey You App iPhone - Hey You App Android - get in touch with new People

    11-14-2012 01:57 AM
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    sorry for double post , but i would appreciate some more user to check the Android Version with feedback ... thanks
    11-26-2012 07:50 AM
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    thanks so much, soon there will be a great update ...
    12-16-2012 01:42 AM

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