1. voriax's Avatar
    Hi! I would like to show you my new app idea:
    Battery Widget & Game - Send Bou Home.

    All you need to do is use your phone as you do it every day.
    While your phone discharges or changes temperature you gain points necessary for Bous mission competition.
    The same happens when you recharge your phone.
    To earn such system-generated-points you simply need to place Bou's widget on the screen.

    Of course there are other ways to gain points but you will not know unless you join Bous enterprise.

    The story.

    Once upon a time, a cheerful, little creature from the outer space named Bou crashed his tiny spaceship into the planet Earth.
    Although he miraculously survived the crash and made friends with the inhabitants of our planet, his good little heart is broken.
    He is depressed and misses his family and friends from a peaceful planet called Bou-wonder-Land.
    However, in ever misery there is always a glimmer of hope!

    Join Bou in his challenge with some unexpected twists!
    Be Bous companion, devoted friend, engineer and a constructor.
    Have unforgettable fun and a lifelong buddy!

    The whole story, rules, tips and more you can find at: http://sendbouhome.com/

    Application is available from Google Play:

    Some screens:

    In case of any question, crashes or problems please write here or PM me.
    Thanks in advance!
    01-13-2013 05:02 AM
  2. voriax's Avatar
    I think that I should describe a game a little bit more.

    The point is that it is monitoring the usage of phone: power and temp.
    Service is in background, running when you have Bou's widget on the screen - JUST LIKE NORMAL BATTERY WIDGET.
    Every change is added to your account.
    Just use the level of battery you have lost to buy things in Bou's Rocket Store.
    Play games to earn more points.
    UPGRADE items by using GEMS, share it... and have fun

    Some more screens:




    AND... WIDGET (in the middle) - Bou's level, Battery level, Temp, Points, items info and percentage of rocket completion:

    What do you think?
    01-15-2013 02:35 AM
  3. voriax's Avatar
    any Bous sent home?
    05-01-2013 02:17 PM

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