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    Green Head is a brand new technology of smartphone antivirus protection!

    Green Heads application is a product developed to protect Android devices. This application is not available for other operating systems and thats why it is even more reliable.
    Green Head has 3 modules, which you can use together or separately:
    Antivirus (includes Antispam and additional features)
    PROcontrol (includes all Green Heads features)
    So what is new about Green Head Antivirus?

    The main difference of Green Head Antivirus from other vendors is that it doesnt use antivirus databases. Antivirus work is based on proactive protection, so it analyses actions of each application that is being installed on your smartphone.
    Blocks dangerous actions of applications and notifies user;
    Enables to set default of individual security policies for each application;
    Green Head checks all installed applications, even knowingly harmless, and notifies user of potentially dangerous opportunities (SMS sending, connection to the Internet, data transmission, etc.)

    You also may use additional features together with antivirus

    Encryption - protects files from third parties
    You can encrypt any files stored on your phone to protect them from unauthorized users.
    SOS Button call for help
    Just touch a special widget on your home screen and a message with a predetermined text like Im in danger along with your location will be sent to a specified number (to your mother, father, friend, etc.)
    Antitheft - Protect your phone in case of loss
    Protect your device in case of loss or theft. Remotely enables to find out the location of your smartphone or delete all the information on it by sending SMS.

    Possibilities of Green Head Antispam

    Blocks SMS - spam, Ads;
    Enables to form Black and White contact lists;
    Prevents falsification of sender's number (When SMS is signed by any name from your contacts, but it has been sent by a fraudster. Such programs could be easily found on the Web).
    Possibilities of Green Head PROcontrol

    This application is more likely for business - politicians, stars and all those who are hunted by paparazzi.
    Green Head PROcontrol notifies user in case of conversation wiretapping. Application detects connection to a fake base station ("virtual cell"), attempts to wiretap the conversation and unauthorized switching of recorder or video camera.
    It is also possible to encrypt the phone book and the history of SMS and calls from selected contacts.
    Play Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...greenhead.main
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    I installed this application. I really like!!!)
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