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    Prepare your strategy, Weapons and Defend your City.
    Be ready for the Siege!Steampunk'z Vs Zombies is an addictive casual game that offers the possibility of be the Savoir of Steampunk City. Have action, strategy and suspense mixed so you can demonstrate your skills of hero.
    Helping citizens, upload your ranking and compete with your friends to see who is the hero of Steampunk city.
    Participate in contest to win Memorabilia gift keeping you in the top ten ranking. (For more information visit: www.facebook.com / SteampunkzVsZombies)
    Steampunk'z Vs Zombies doesnt want to only sell you another game, try to brings a new community of players and keep them as friends! giving fast replies, and gifts.
    Steampunk City is waiting for you! what are you wating for PLAY NOW!

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    03-04-2013 01:16 PM

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