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    Esponce QR Reader is blazingly fast and the most user-friendly QR Code scanner available at Android marketplace.
    The app's core feature is to scan the QR codes and display the content in a nice and elegant manner.
    Esponce QR code scanner is straight forward and very simple to use with no locked features or ads. Just open the app, point the camera and Esponce QR reader will do the rest.

    The easy to use interface and simplicity is where it shines. When scanning a QR code, you'll get immediate results and be able to take corresponding action to visit the website, add a contact or an event, get directions on map, pay, call a phone or Skype, send a text message, send an email or share.
    The Reader strictly follows Denso Wave standards and reads all kinds of simple and complex codes. As an added benefit the app has the ability to create custom QR codes on the fly. You can send it to an email address or share it on social networks in just a few seconds.
    *Note: When scanning codes that redirect you to a website, you'll need an Internet connection.

    Highlighted features
    1. Specialized QR Code scanning with camera
    2. Auto focus when scanning, low-light scanning (requires flash)
    3. Displaying content in a user friendly format
    4. History of scans with extra details
    5. Settings to customize actions when scanning (sound, vibra, auto redirect)
    6. Create various custom QR codes
    7. Ability to share all created codes via email and social networks
    8. Tracking: view statistics of your QR Codes

    Supported content recognition
    1. Plain text messages
    2. Hyperlinks and short links
    3. Contact card: vcard, mecard, bizcard
    4. Contact info: phone numbers, SMS, e-mail address
    5. Special links: YouTube, Vimeo, Bing Maps, PayPal, etc...
    6. Instant messengers: Skype, IRC, MSN IM, etc...
    7. Calendar events


    Important: We care about your feedback
    We're constantly improving Esponce and we greatly appreciate your feedback and support to make it the best QR Code scanner available. If you have an issue with the app you can reach us at hello@esponce.com.
    03-12-2013 07:47 AM

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