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    Allow us to present to you the Calculus App. This app takes education to a whole new level by reinterpreting known theories with artistic depictions. Scattered with engineered interactivity and reinforced with fully illustrated practice questions, the Calculus App presents a new educational paradigm that will enrich the learning experience of our knowledge-seeking audience.

    Download the FREE Lite Edition here

    If you like this app please leave a comment on the App store. We are working to bring you the full version soon!

    • Watch narrated tutorials guide you on the basic concepts of Calculus
    • Fun-to-watch videos introduce you to the world of Calculus; learn about the history of Calculus and not just the technical concepts
    • Animated and illustrated concepts makes learning from scratch or refreshing easy
    • Interactive sections reinforce important concepts
    • Move away from the usual style of learning in the classroom
    • Learn at your own pace: pause or replay the tutorials at your command
    • Try the sample questions and check your answers against model solutions

    === What's Available in the Lite Version ===
    • Introduction to Differentiation
    • Watch a video on Differentiation
    • Main Principles of Differentiation
    • Practice Questions

    * This App requires the installation of Adobe Air on your mobile phone, please choose to install when prompted to do so.

    03-20-2013 08:33 PM
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    You can now find us on Facebook
    04-01-2013 06:36 AM

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