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    MANUAL DISTANCE is an advance camera measure tool for quick measure and estimation of the distance to any object. It perform non-contact distance measurement by using camera and hardware sensor of device.

    Manual Distance allows you to measure the distance to the target object with known length, or measure the length and dimension of target object if you know the distance to the object.

    It is very easy to use, you just need to input the target length in order to measure the distance to the target, or input the distance to the target if you wish to measure the target dimension. For perfect accuracy, users are requested to do calibration. But don't worry, it is only one time after the application is installed.

    Manual Distance comes with user-friendly interface and a 5X Zoom view for more accurate point alignment. It always detect and select the best picture resolution automatically for image capturing.

    This application is very useful no matter is for indoor or outdoor activities. For example, you can measure the distance to your friend and the height of your friend, measure the distance to a golf stick, distance between two wall, height of a door, distance to an archery target, height of a building, distance to a boat, etc.

    For more details information about how to use the app, please refer User Guide in this app.

    ★ Measure Distance to target object (by knowing the length of the object)
    ★ Measure Length/Width/Height of target object (by knowing the distance to the object)
    ★ Dynamic Photo - Select the best picture resolution automatically
    ★ Show verticality and tilt angle of device when camera is on
    ★ Show vertical view angle and horizontal view angle of device
    ★ Camera snapshot, auto focus, flash-light
    ★ Easy calibration (Only one time)
    ★ Customizable text size, line width, point size
    ★ "Menu" shortcut button on main screen
    ★ Keep Screen Awake

    ★ 7 Measurement Units
    This app lets you make measurement in different units: Millimeter(mm), Centimeter(cm), Meter(m), Kilometer(km), Inch(in), Yard(yd) and Feet(ft).

    ★ 5x Zoom View
    Zoom View feature with 5x magnifier helps you align the points on object boundaries accurately. The Zoom View is located at the right bottom of the screen.

    ★ Save Measurement
    Manual Distance lets you save your current measurement including screen image, raw image, all the measurement points and data, length unit and all information related.in a file located in sdcard. You can open the measurement in future for review or continue edit.

    ★ Open measurement
    The 'Open' feature lets you open the previously saved measurements for review or continue edit.

    The accuracy of this apps is highly depends on how well the user move the points to aligned with object boundaries when doing calibration or measuring. Please be noted that small error in calibration might causes large inaccurate in measurements. Accuracy also relies on the device sensor. From some experiment we have done so far, the average accuracy of Manual Distance is falls between (+)(-)3%. Please use Auto Distance (Free Android App) for quick distance and height estimation if accuracy is not critical.


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