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    CAMERA COMPASS is an amazing way to measure direction in augmented reality view.

    Camera Compass lets you measure directions by aim your camera at anywhere you want to measure. It works in portrait, landscape or any device's orientation. It performs direction measurement by using the built-in orientation sensor, acceleration sensor and magnetic sensor.

    Camera compass is very useful in some situation especially when lower your head to see the compass is difficult and inconvenient to you. For example, when you are driving, riding, hiking, sailing, mountain climbing, jungle expedition, etc. There are an indicator on the compass view to indicates the verticality/tilt angle of the device.

    Other than measure direction, it also detects the best network connection(GPS, 3G or Wifi) to retrieve your current location, coordinates, altitude and address data and display it on the screen to help you measure your current position accurately and steer in the right direction.
    Camera Compass comes with high definition graphics and nice user interface design.

    For more details information about how to use the app, please refer User Guide in this app.

    ★ Display location address, latitude, longitude and altitude
    ★ GPS Location update
    ★ Select the best network connection automatically (Wifi, 3G, GPS)
    ★ Show verticality/tilt angle of device
    ★ Works in any orientation
    ★ Switch to normal compass mode automatically if verticality lower than certain value
    ★ True north/Magnetic north
    ★ Quick Calibration
    ★ Lock/Unlock Compass
    ★ Customizable coordinate format, sensor rate, text size, text color, unit
    ★ Menu shortcut button on main screen
    ★ Keep screen awake

    The accuracy of compass is highly relies on the device's sensors. Compass accuracy is as good as the orientation sensor, magnetic sensor and acceleration sensor of the device. It may varies on different devices.


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    05-10-2013 09:26 AM

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