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    Now you may stop keeping all your tasks in memory or search through paper notes here and there. The same experience as paper organizer with handwriting recognition with iAssistant organizer.

    • Seamless conversion of written notes into call-to-action items - events, tasks, e-mails
    • Ultimate control of your schedule and time with all-in-one dashboard view
    • Natural integration of calendar, tasks/to-do list and notes with the best time management practices
    • No duplication of your work: events list syncs automatically with Google Calendar and MS Outlook

    + Now you may save and export images.

    1)Select drawing toolbar (Pen settings should be opened)
    2)Select color or change the thickness
    3)Close Pen settings
    4) Draw something
    5) Use eraser button to delete parts of image

    To export image - Press [Menu] button

    • Select Export drawing option
    • Select Share option

    Read previous: http://www.android.net/forum/android...rganizers.html

    For Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note II,Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
    05-27-2013 10:19 AM

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