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    Hi, calling all devs and gamers out there.

    After months of dev I've just released my first game to the Android market. I think some of the graphics need polishing up a bit but overall I'm pretty happy with it. It's only been released for a few days so I guess too early to properly gauge how it's going to do but I've obviously sent it round to friends and colleagues etc.

    A friend who works at Weta Digital sent it round there and some guys had a look. Whilst they quite liked it they commented that they thought the Angry Birds / Cut the Rope type model has been over done and I should try to adapt. They're talking about the style of game with short simple levels where you play and move on quite rapidly.

    I take their meaning, I think a lot of gamers like a more immersive experience, with scrolling environments, complex interaction etc. But I think there's still a place for the more time killing fun type apps right? After all, the above mentioned titles are still top top sellers!

    I hope my game isn't too easy early on. I've got quite a slow learning curve cos a lot of my testers were having trouble picking it up. But it does get a lot harder and much more puzzley the later on you get!

    There certainly are a lot of Angry Birds etc. clones out there and it's true it's a nightmare trying to get your app noticed! But my game's totally different to play and I think it's pretty damn original so I'm hoping it'll get some traction. Link here, any feedback from other developers or gamers is much more than welcome!

    05-28-2013 01:24 PM

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