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    ★RUI Launcher is a smart android home launcher replacement app. It supports automatic & Manual app classification to make app management more Intelligent.
    RUI Launcher also provides you speedy and smooth operation, fancy themes and useful widgets.

    RUI Launcher for Phone - Intelligent classification management launcher-ruiphone.jpg
    ★key features:
    Automatic & Manual App Classification
    Intelligent Application Management
    Classify installed Apps Automatically & Manually
    Easy and efficient to find Apps
    Customize Category as you want

    Intelligent Icon Arrangement
    After classification completed,
    See what unexpected effect?
    Icons are arranged to classification folders intelligently
    No longer need to manually drag

    RUI Boutique Navigation
    Necessary applications, Popular applications
    Download directly, Dont need to the App Store

    Beautification of the Theme
    Several sets of super themes, with the mood change the theme
    Chinese style, elegant, simple hand drawing an do on,
    Decorate your phone more personalized

    Various and Useful RUI Widgets
    Weather, search, Quick switch, A Tap cleaner

    Gestures feature
    Offers you more convenience and fun

    ★ Hope this application will help you!!

    ★ Down link
    RUI Launcher for phone(Google Play Store)
    Or search RUI Launcher in Google Play Store

    1.(New) Add manual app Classification
    2.(New) Category labels can be edited
    3.(New) Add search widget
    4.(New) Drag the icon to view application information
    5.(Optimize) Optimize the display of default theme
    6.(Optimize) Optimize performance, improve the speed of sliding screen

    1.Optimize manual classification feature
    2.Optimize intelligent layout feature
    3.Optimize the display and refresh mode of online theme
    4.Optimize performance, improve the speed of sliding screen
    5.Fix several bugs and improve other details

    1.Fix the bug that the online themes can't be refreshed
    2.Optimize the details of manual classification feature
    3.Optimize intelligent layout feature
    4.Support wallpaper sliding with the screens
    5.Fix several bugs of last version

    1.Optimize intelligent layout feature
    2.Optimize fluency of sliding screen
    3.Bug fixes

    1.Optimize boutique application interface
    2.Beautify the Weather Widget
    3.Optimize display style of icon
    4.Adjust the grid size of added widget
    08-29-2013 03:52 AM

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