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    Change quickly from one app to another without switching to the homescreen first!
    You can start your favorite apps with a little and transparent point, which can be moved like the Facebook heads.

    A must-have app for multitasking!

    Alternatively you can start your favorite app over the notification bar or simply click on the app icon.

    Look at the screenshots!
    There are 3 categories: Apps, games and system apps.


    ★ Add your favorite apps (Lite version is limited to 4 apps!)
    ★ Change color, size and transparency of the app point
    ★ User defined picture for the point (only full version!)
    ★ Large app icons (only full version!)
    ★ Enable/Disable bluetooth quickly
    ★ Lock screen function added (only full version)
    ★ Toogle Wifi (only full version)
    ★ Toogle mobile internet connection (only full version)
    ★ Autostart after restart your device

    09-21-2013 09:24 AM

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