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    Do you need to check your stock? Inventory counter helps you to do this task in a easy way. You can start counting from the first click. No previous configurations needed to start.

    Inventory Counter has three tools available just swiping a finger: counter, calculator and a data sheet.

    Data sheet can be filled just typing or using barcodes. You can locate your stocks using a GPS signal and internet connection. You can add photos to your references.

    Calculator is connected to data sheet and counter. For example: you have 6 boxes of 166 units/each and some units in a open box. You can use calculator to count closed boxes and follow the count with counter. The final result will be send to data sheet.

    Counter was configured to be able to count without see the screen. Vibration can be set for this purpose. Also can increase/decrease count, using volume keys.

    You can search in your inventory typing keywords or reading a barcode.

    You can save/export your inventory or be load for an internal/external source, like Dropbox.

    Inventory is saved in csv format. It is possible edit and adds references from your CRM.

    youtube video:

    09-23-2013 05:28 AM

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