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    A very nice app for Facebook users.
    Use your facebook while you are using any other app.


    Would you like to surf on Facebook while doing something else on your device?
    Now you can check who is online on Facebook Chat or your recent notifications and surf on the whole mobile site of Facebook while you are using any other application.
    It is a very convinient and fast application to enrich you experience while you are on Facebook.

    How is it possible?
    When you download this application you will be able to use and to check your Facebook account. This app is running simultaniously with your other applications so you do not have to close anything and allows you to do multi-tasking.

    Will it be visible all the time?
    Of course no. It works as the Notification Bar. It can slide in and out.

    Is it possible to customise it?
    Yes, it is very simple to change the size and you can download themes for it.
    You can change the side by a slide.

    -Facebook chat statuses
    -Facebook notifications
    -Whole mobile site of Facebook
    -Open other sites as in a browser
    -Change size of every detail of SideBar
    -Download free themes for SideBar

    09-28-2013 04:17 PM

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