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    Today I have released free camera app named "Miniature Preview Camera".
    Miniature Preview Camera

    You can capture miniaturized photo with real time preview. If you start this app, the world in front of you becomes miniaturized on the screen with preview functionality.

    Miniaturized photo is created by so-called tilt shift effect. However,beautiful miniaturized photo also requires good photo composition and objects which matches up with tilt shift effect.
    So this app offers real time preview of tilt shift effect. You can capture the best miniaturized photo while you are watching result of effect.

    This is my first camera app and I am worried the fact that behavior of android camera is very dependent on the device. I would appreciate if you could try it and give me some feedback.

    [APP][2.3+] Miniature Preview Camera Released-forum.jpg
    [APP][2.3+] Miniature Preview Camera Released-forum2.jpg
    10-14-2013 08:09 PM

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